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Detective Alex Eames

Was that well adjusted they made her Prom Queen.

22 August 1970
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Detective Alex Eames, MCS

Alex Eames was born on August 22nd 1970. She is the second youngest of four children, and was always considered the tomboy in the family. This was something her mother would constantly be trying to change. She would always buy her daughter something feminine and girlie for christmas or a birthday in the hopes that she could swing Alex to the other side. It wasn't that she didn't like being a girl, far from it, it was more that she wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty. The friction between Alex and her mother was similar to that between her and her sister, Alice. They were constantly bickering and arguing as they grew up, never getting along. Alex would resent the way Alice always had her mothers approval and she didn't, but Alex quickly learned not to care and that attitude has been with her ever since. She always had a strong relationship with her father as a little girl, always helping him in the garage, fixing up cars, and helping him mend things around the house.

But as a teenager she became very rebellious, if her parents told her to do something, she would always choose the opposite. She would wear clothes they didn't approve of, as well as sneak out her bedroom window to get upto mischief with friends outside. That meant her relationship with her father became strained. The two of them would always be arguing when she disagreed with him and started having her own opinion about things. Even though she did that, she still looked up to him and wanted to be a cop, just like him. Alex went to college like she planned, and went through a small string of part-time bar work to earn her own money.

In 1993, Alex entered the NYPD accademy, a year after Linda Bonnardi made a rookie mistake was disgraced from the force. This meant that Alex was faced with instructors using Bonnardi as an example of why women shouldn't be there. However, this just made her step up and assert her 'I don't care' attitude. She became an officer a year later, much to the disgust of her mother.
In her first year on the job, she met a cop named Joe Dutton, a man who'd just passed his Detective's exam. The two of them became very close, and eventually marrying. He was supportive of her, even when she transferred to Vice Squad in 1996, going undercover numerous times in high heels, short skirts and in a harsh environment. She became a detective in 1997, after spending two years in Chelsea, she remained in Vice for three more years before earning herself a promotion to the Major Case Sqaud in 1999.

In that same year, Joe was killed during a drug bust that went wrong -- he was shot in the stomach and died a day later in hospital. Alex, although devastated, soldiered on even as she noticed their friends slowly stopped talking to her and she began to feel isolated.

Her first case after Joe's death was the Burnham cas. During this time she met and befriended Kevin Mulrooney, an ADA. They developed what she had thought was a close friendship, and she confided in him for hours upon hours about how Joe's death. That friendship, and her new feelings for him, were soured the moment he lost the case. He had blamed her for that loss, and she has felt the weight of that ever since. She cut ties with him altogether, regretting her decision to not alter her statement or to leave out facts on the stand, along with her decision to confide in someone and be willing to be intimate with them so soon after Joe's death. She didn't know that he had planted the letter she had found during their search of Boz Burnham's home, even when defense prosecutors claimed that she planted it.

It took her a year or two before she would even consider dating, and even then she never took any of them seriously, having hardened herself to it, and not caring for any strong emotional bonds from anyone. She went through a string of dates with men who took themselves too seriously, it was enough to make her realise that men did actually talk too much for their own good.

When she was partnered with Robert Goren in 2001, she originally requested a new partner, but she withdrew her request when she decided to give him a chance. Alex was glad she had remained his partner, she has grown to consider him her best friend and family.

In 2003, she opted to help her sister by being a surrogate mother when Alice and her husband had approached her about it, after they had been looking into options for themselves. Alex agreed to think about it, she didn't take too long before she agreed. In November 2003, she gave birth to her nephew, Nathan. Because of him, she now has a stronger relationship with her sister, which can be tested at times.

In July 2006, she was kidnapped by Jo Gage, who was emulating the serial killer Sebastian. Alex survived the torture and managed to free herself, but the effects from that experience have been long-lasting. Instead of dwelling on it, however, she pushed herself straight back into her job. She doesn't discuss the experience with anyone, but it has left her emotionally scarred -- suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, and claustrophobia when locked in or trapped.

In October 2006, she went out on loan to Vice, helping them with the joint task force. She returned to Major Case soon after the case had been closed, and there she remains.

In July 2007, she started dating David Dresden. Despite everyone else's concerns about his behaviour toward people in general, she stuck up for him and the two of them became very close. He is the first man, since losing Joe, that she felt any strong feeling towards and should the need arise, she can become very defensive of him, even when he is being an ass to other people. The two of them both share an inability to put up with fools, and a love for keeping their private lives private. Both being very opinionated, they often disagree on a many things but they try to solve them before the day is done, or simply agree to disagree. Although he suffers from an emotional fallout of the accident he had in July 1994, she somehow managed to get through to him in a way no one else had been able to do. She's only slightly aware of the calming effect she has on him and vice versa. He gave her more balance in her life, and brought her happiness that she had been missing since Joe's death, no longer living to simply work and shifting her focus to herself.

In January 2008, she discovered that she was pregnant with Dresden's baby. The two moved in together, and toyed with the idea of marriage but those plans were put on hold when it seemed things were moving too fast. It created friction between them, but they worked through it as best they could. Ellie Dresden Eames was born on the 26th of August 2008. It took Alex some time to adjust to her new role as mother, and balancing that with being an MCS detective, but she eventually felt comfortable in juggling both roles because of the support from David, her family and her few close friends. She tries not to fret about whether or not she is a good mother but she falls victim to it just like everyone else. She purposely avoids discussing Ellie around strangers, suspects, victims, and at crime scenes. Neither does she like to discuss the gory aspect of her job in front of Ellie. Her way of both protecting her daughter, and keeping her work seperate from her family. The only sign that she has about motherhood changing her, is the way she's witnessed a change in David.

Personality -- likes/dislikes. traits/weaknesses/quirks --
Alex loves anything with sugar in it, coffee, candy -- especially Skittles. She prefers to drive because it gives her something to do in the car while Goren thinks, but she'll hand over the wheel without complaint. Alex misses Vice because the motives were easier for her to understand, she understands wanting something simple like money. Alex dislikes the buddy-boy system and any kind of sexist remark from both suspects and colleagues. Alex also dislikes arrogant people, and won't hide that fact from them. Alex has an acerbic wit from which no one is safe. She may be small in size, and petite looking, but she is a fighter, and can make men twice her size cower and cringe in fear. Her weakness is that she tries not to show any, keeping all of her emotions on the inside and not allowing it to come out. Alex can get defensive pretty quickly, and doesn't like to talk about things she considers private, such as her feelings and emotional state. Although she isn't a prude, and she will talk about sex, make jokes, etc, she doesn't like to talk about the details of her own sex life, and considers that aspect of her relationship to be private. She genuinely cares for the victims, but she doesn't always express that. Sometimes Alex finds a crime scene difficult to swallow, especially since her own kidnapping. She has a soft spot for children, more so since she gave birth to her nephew, and will always take cases involving children as victims personally.

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